What to blog?

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Since I started the journey of blogging, I must confess that I am both exhausted and excited.

Exhausted because I am still feeling my way through understanding what it takes to be a readable blogger. I thought to be a blogger one needs to write consistently. Then I was cautioned by another voice that asks what am I going to write about. Then I was encouraged by another thought not to worry, shareable things are happening around me, with me and inside of me. Actually, I am an interesting person to converse with.

Today, Sunday is the day that we attend fellowship meeting. My family likes to start the week attending a meeting like this. There are many homes in almost every community in many places in the world who meet like this.  We are just Christians. We meet in a home. We are non-denominational, so we don’t have a name and of course we meeting in a sanctified home.

A small flock of friends meet in a home every Sunday morning at 10:30. This is our church. The format is simple and gracious. We are like a family, after all, we are gathering in the elder’s home. He greets us at the door with a big smile. Then we quietly enter a room, usually the living room, with seats arranged in a circle with the emblems in the middle.

There was one unexpected mishap which I almost forgot. The days are warming up nicely but there is still a lot of solid compact ice on the side streets of residential communities in Calgary. I was thrilled to feel the warmth of the sun on my face. No sooner did I make two steps and I slipped flat on my back.  It happened so fast, I almost forgot where I was. Getting back on my feet was pretty challenging too. It seems I was trying to walk rather than skate on a sheet of ‘black ice’, located just at the entrance to the house that we congregate for service.

Meetings start promptly and usually lasts one hour give and take some minutes for some after meeting chit-chat. Today the chit-chat was longer than usual because the elder’s wife was absent due to having just undergone back surgery. We all, therefore, wanted to pay her a visit and express speedy recovery.

The weekly format of the meeting never change. The elder leads the meeting with a hymn from our special hymn books. Then we each pray; then sing another hymn. After this, each person is invited to share a thought usually based on each person’s private study of the bible. Usually, everyone participates except the small children. Before we take the bread and wine, the emblems of the flesh and blood of Christ, someone prays and sing a hymn to close.

We all then greet and go to our respective homes, feeling spiritually refreshed and happy.  One after meeting routine is to quietly try to recall all the thoughts shared which may end in a discussion. We take our fellowship meetings seriously and our friends are important to us.

Thank you for reading my blog. Feel free to comment or ask questions.

About Author

Sheila currently resides in Calgary Alberta with a family of two including a husband and daughter.   Close proximity to the University of Calgary is convenient for Imoni, now in her second year and for Sheila’s academic research pursuits.

In addition to blogging, career transitioning describes her situation; having lots of experience and formal education but challenged in obtaining a job offer. The reasons are complex but after a while, it became clear that one is in the trough of one wave and must prepare to ride the crest of another.

Her past career paths; rich and varied includes education, coaching, business owner, sales and marketing management, shipping, real estate, personal support worker and of course e-commerce.

An avid reader she walks with a book in a handbag. Her early studies at the Norwegian academy took her to many places in Europe. And her longing is to revisit Europe again, particularly the Mediterranean. Other places include Africa, Australia, parts of the Middle East and South East Asia. She is also a sports enthusiast, outdoor activities like jogging, swimming, visiting parks and museums, aerobics, karate, fine cooking and loves expensive clothes particularly handbags.

Writing a blog seems pretty easy to do.  The successful blogger seems to develop a ‘knack’ a know-how to speak directly to the audience with an authentic voice.  Though Sheila’s academic pursuits would have her writing like one, I believe she will find her voice as she explores her passions, ethnic diversity, entrepreneurial instincts and invites her audience to travel along this journey of being a blogger.

Why healthy lifestyle for caregivers

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Photo by Nathan Cowley on Pexels.com

The ageing population and longer life expectancy have transferred long term for individuals and family members suffering from chronic health problems or disabilities to home settings.
Whether caring for a disabled child, an elderly parent or chronically ill spouse, the physical, emotional and financial burden can be enormous.

The absence of extended caregiver relief programs and benefits has taken its toll on Canada’s informal health care providers. This has happened, despite some short-term compassionate care benefits for eligible workers who are caring for a gravely ill or dying family member

Statistics Canada estimates that there are over 2.8 million Canadians providing care to people with long-term health problems.  Families represent the largest group of community caregivers for those with serious and persistent illness.

  • According to a Health Canada study conducted in 2002, caregivers are most likely to feel stressed in terms of their emotional health, with close to eight in ten reporting that caregiving has resulted in significant (29%) or some (48%) emotional difficulties for themselves
  • Over 75% of informal caregivers are women, mostly wives and daughters. Many belong to the growing “sandwich generation”, caring for young families at the same time as they care for elderly infirm parents.
  • Due to the enormity and complexity of the task, caregivers of older people have higher than average rates of clinical depression.

Health Care Trends

A current trend in health care policies is to shift the provision of care services from institutional to community-based settings. This is translating into an increased requirement for individuals to care for family members in the home who have chronic health problems or disabilities.
Family members caring for those with serious and persistent mental illness tend to find themselves becoming a nurse/ counsellor/advocate/crisis worker/home-care and income provider all rolled into one.
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