About Author

Sheila currently resides in Calgary Alberta with a family of two including a husband and daughter.   Close proximity to the University of Calgary is convenient for Imoni, now in her second year and for Sheila’s academic research pursuits.

In addition to blogging, career transitioning describes her situation; having lots of experience and formal education but challenged in obtaining a job offer. The reasons are complex but after a while, it became clear that one is in the trough of one wave and must prepare to ride the crest of another.

Her past career paths; rich and varied includes education, coaching, business owner, sales and marketing management, shipping, real estate, personal support worker and of course e-commerce.

An avid reader she walks with a book in a handbag. Her early studies at the Norwegian academy took her to many places in Europe. And her longing is to revisit Europe again, particularly the Mediterranean. Other places include Africa, Australia, parts of the Middle East and South East Asia. She is also a sports enthusiast, outdoor activities like jogging, swimming, visiting parks and museums, aerobics, karate, fine cooking and loves expensive clothes particularly handbags.

Writing a blog seems pretty easy to do.  The successful blogger seems to develop a ‘knack’ a know-how to speak directly to the audience with an authentic voice.  Though Sheila’s academic pursuits would have her writing like one, I believe she will find her voice as she explores her passions, ethnic diversity, entrepreneurial instincts and invites her audience to travel along this journey of being a blogger.


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