Clarifying Your Values

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The next exercise in charting your goals is clarifying your values. We all do not have the same values. And very likely we have values that we are not even conscious us. This exercise will, therefore, cause you to quietly reflect and to choose those which are more important to you.

The exercise is a 4 column full page listing. In this post, I will list the first two columns from A to I. I found it quite interesting reflecting on these. Hope you will too.


accomplishment achievement activity admiration advancement advantage affluence advocacy, ambition, age, authority appearance, authority art artistic expression.

beauty belonging business career, caring, challenge, charity, clarity, close -friend, competition conformity, college degree, competition, conservation, consistency control, country living, crafts, creativity, credit, culture.

decisiveness, dining out, discipline, dominance, drama.

eating, economic security, education, employment, endurance, energy, enjoyment, enterprise, equality, environment, experience,

faith, fame, family, flamboyance, free choice, freedom, friendship, fun, G0d’s will, good income, gracious living, guiding.

happiness, healing, health, health insurance, helping others, high standards, holiness, home, honesty, honour, hope, humility, humour.

imagination, impulse, income, independence, individualism, influence over others, inner direction, inner harmony, innovation, insurance, integrity.

In my next post, I will continue the list of values. Meantime as an exercise identify those value characteristics that speak to you.


Sheila Giddings



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