Clarifying your values Pt2

I hope you were able to identify the values that reflect you. Today I will complete the listings and hope you can add a few of your own.

Intellectual stimulation, interpersonal relations, intimacy, involvement

Joy, lack of pretense, laughter, leadership, leisure, life, life insurance, literature, love, lover, loyalty, managing, mastery, materialism, maturity meditation, mentoring, metaphysics, military, millions, modesty, money, morality.

National security, neatness, new car, nonconformity, nurturance, obedience, order, outdoor life, ownership, participating with others, patience, peace, persistence, personal development, philanthropy, philosophy, play, pleasure, politics, possessions, power, process, production, professionalism, prosperity.

Reading, rebellion, recognition, religion, religious belief, reputation, respect, respectfulness, responsibility, retirement, rewards, riches.

Satisfaction, schedule, security, self-expression, self-reliance, self-satisfaction, servants, sincerity, social life, social power, social recognition, social relations, space, spirituality, sports, stability, stamina, standing up for beliefs, status, stimulation, suburban focus, success, survival.

Taking risks, teamwork, technique, tenacity, tradition, tranquility, travel trust, truth, truthfulness.

Urban focus, urban living, wealth, welfare, well-being, who’s who, winning, wisdom, work, youth, zeal, and zest.

That’s it my friends. Please go through the list and tick those values that you mean a lot to you, and which deep down you care for and aspire to achieve.

Next, you will prioritize these value, and put them in order. Welcome feedback.

Sheila Giddings



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