Time and Process 2

It is very rare that success is an accident. More likely success comes from being in the right place, at the right time, and taking the right action. Essentially it takes time and process.

Time is the measuring of periods between one event and another or between actions and its perceived consequences. Usually, we associate time with the clock and calendar. In life-planning, time includes the period between now and the most distant future event you can imagine as well as whatever increments between those endpoints you determine are useful in the manifesting of your goals.

A process is your observation of, and interchange with others or yourself. There are two types of process: individual and group. Sometimes the individual and group may converge on certain issues and diverge on others.

As an individual, you ‘process’ your thoughts, feelings and attitudes. You observe them internally in the constant dialogue that goes through your mind. As a member of a group, you may ‘process’ common interests, attitudes, and observances. You will either agree or disagree with others, and they will either agree or disagree with you.

Time and process are frameworks for understanding your personal experience relative to others.  It assists you in allocating your resources, paces your actions and ordering your priorities.  Time and process facilitate your success.

You may find that your viewpoints about time and process often limit your experience and create boundaries that prevent you from being successful. Procrastination is a viewpoint about time with which you may be familiar.

Sabotage is a viewpoint about the process. It denotes a belief that you are best served by hampering or subverting the actions of yourself or others.

As we endeavour to establish timelines for our goals we are encouraged to be flexible. as the precise timing of life plans, are often mysterious. Just understanding this helps us to handle the feelings of disappointment and frustration when events do not meet your schedule.

Sheila Giddings



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