On-line teaching, crisis management or teaching?

I saw an interesting quote today on a chat “that distance learning is not teaching, it’s crisis management”. It ended with the battle cry ” we (teachers) are worthy”

The emotion of this statement has somehow resonated with me.  As a former student and now an educator, we are aware that online training has been around for several years. And some of us have had to adapt slowly but surely to this new method of knowledge dispensation. Personally, I have difficulty connecting with the information because my learning style is more kinesthetic and verbally interactive, which I find to be quite limited on an online platform. But what of do our college students, high schoolers, elementary and even pre-schoolers think about this?

What do we make of the Chinese English language learners, who have apparently made significant strides in on-line teaching of the language to early learners? It would appear they have adapted quite well and learning as if in a classroom environment.

Now with the advent of COVID-19, it is more imperative than a choice to conduct online training. But is this really teaching or merely a response to a crisis?

When I reflect on the learning challenges of my students I have no doubt that purely on-line teaching would just not work. Their issues are too complex and specific. But I would admit that if the on-line training is carefully crafted with the timely input and support of the teacher, it can be a viable option.

I am therefore lead to agree with the assertion that these covid-inspired on-line classes are indeed crisis management. The classroom offers so much more dynamic synergies of life, living, giving and receiving of energies both negative and positive that I would exchange it for a computer or tablet.

Teachers are indeed worthy and need support at all levels.


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